This perspective is taken and developed from Joseph Bartz.

The term ‘Movement aspect’ allows us to propose relationships & categories through which we can map movement as a physical and cognitive practice. It would be possible to use this model to zoom both in and out of ‘movement’ as a subject on a scale from atomic to cosmic levels.


Perhaps on the most practical level, this perspective allows us to re-/visualise the potential span of a physical and movement practice and reflect on our own in comparison. It also relieves physical practice of any dogmatic categories such as fitness, exercise, and any specialised disciplines & practices by proposing more generalist, and so transferrable, movement aspects.

In reflection, we can determine which aspects of our physical & cognitive practice are perhaps too heavily invested in as well as those which are absent or lacking. The ideal would be an awareness of and effort toward developing experience throughout.

This model is by no means a complete representation. Just as Joseph advises that ‘Our practice should be dynamic and thus alive’, so our re-flection on Movement as an experiential subject will too change and develop.

This is worth invested consideration.