The Problem with ‘Exercise’

A Case of Lambs and Lions. What the hell are you doing? After spending a few years in gym environments, you can spot them from a mile away. The lambs. They walk on to the gym stage with close to knocked knees... Continue Reading →


‘Becoming the Wolverine’ – Shoulder Pre/Rehabilitation (The Ido Portal Method).

Ido Portal’s ‘Floreio Art’

The Devil is in the detail. And so is God. Movement Progression. Ido Portal's 'Floreio Art' is developed from a sub-art of Capoeira called 'Floreio' or 'Floreios'. It focuses on the solo floor work of Capoeira, rather than the traditional,... Continue Reading →

Hanging and Brachiation. One perk of working in South Korean schools is that every single one is equipped with monkey bars. Not only did progressive hanging and brachiation training aid in the rehab of  multiple shoulder injuries, it improved my overall body... Continue Reading →

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