MoveMore: Learn, Share; Connect

The ‘MoveMore project’ began as  a self-focused effort to document a transition from Bodybuilding to Calisthenics. It eventually became a lot more. Now, ‘MoveMore: Movement Practice’ is the platform through which I reach out to those interested in exploring Movement as a physical and experiential subject. A bricolage of teachers and movement experiences, I travel to share a continually evolving movement practice and perspective in open workshops and classes, as well as providing online coaching and options to meet & practice.

But the journey and process is more important than the current state or goal.

It’s shared here because it’s not unlike many other histories, if not the same disciplines then simply exchangeable.

I was a dedicated practitioner inspired by others to make changes in what it is I was practicing. In order to truly explore this practice, however – to even begin to understand what it was – I had to learn.

Eventually learning turned into sharing; sharing what I had learnt from teachers and experiences. Classes and workshops were the most accessible forms for the subject content. It soon becomes clear that in order to reach more people, to share something you believe to be truly valuable, you have to connect.

The  more I connected,the more I found myself with and learnt from people who were exploring the same subject as me: Movement.

They affected and contributed to my practice and clarified what we were doing, thinking, and being. I learned more from them in return and the cycle has continued.

Learn, Share; Connect. These three wheels which initiated the “MoveMore project” drive what is now ‘MoveMore: Movement Practice’; an outward project which explores Movement as a subject of physical practice and critical reflection.


This is really all you need to know. The story is, of course, longer. Perhaps I will share it at a later date, however for now feel free to take time to explore this space for my thoughts & perspective on this subject ‘Movement’.