Movement Aspects

This perspective is taken and developed from Joseph Bartz. The term 'Movement aspect' allows us to propose relationships & categories through which we can map movement as a physical and cognitive practice. It would be possible to use this... Continue Reading →

Generalist / Specialist

Generalist / Specialist Whilst by no means a new perspective, the term 'Generalist' has been most notably utilized (perhaps coined) by Ido Portal in his efforts to articulate his movement perspective to the world. In terms of physical practice, Ido... Continue Reading →

Movement (corporeal narrative)

Movement as a corporeal narrative concerns itself with all physical movement which occurs on the site of the human body (at its most reduced: muscle-fibres contracting/relaxing and secreting from glands). We can theorise these movements into two categories: 'Voluntary': intentional... Continue Reading →

Movement (metanarrative).

[A]ny attempt to replace the term 'Movement' with another would produce at best a mis-leading representation, a synthesis, an opinion, an aspect; a part cannot represent the whole. 'Movement' is our subject and our study. It is the gross umbrella... Continue Reading →

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