‘Movement’ is our subject and our study. It is the gross umbrella under which every element of our investigation concerns itself.

In order to map and discuss any subject effectively, terminology needs to be defined and utilised correctly from the outset. These will be continually updated and added to.

Firstly: the function of these terms are not to lay claim nor be final words, but rather to provide points of fixed reference to reduce any confusion as they are used in describing my own movement experience.

Secondly: sloppy use of terminology leads not only to mis-interpretation and mis-direction, but also lack of clarity and affirmation on the part of the thinker themselves. This is the last thing we need as ‘Movement’ beings to develop as a definable area of study and with so many practitioners already invested.

Thirdly: although they are not final, I do proposed these key terms & their definitions as a departure points from which we can develop their clarification and application. I therefore encourage feedback, input, and collaboration in establishing a glossary with which we can arm ourselves when discussing  and presenting ‘Movement’ within intellectual fields.

Terms are in no specific order. They can also be navigated in the tabs:

Movement (metanarrative)

Movement (corporeal narrative)

Movement  Practice

Physical Practice

Generalist / Specialist

Generalist Physical Practice

Movement Perspective

Movement aspects

Movement culture

‘Attributes’, ‘Skills’ & ‘Qualities’ (r.e. physical practice)

Linear vs. lateral (physical/practice & perspective)

‘Movement training’ (misnomer)

Movement research

‘Movement thumbprint’


Movement experience

Context / scenario / container / score