Here you will find writing concerned with developing a Philosophy of Movement. This current effort is three-fold:

  1. To emphasise the importance of movement both as an expression and determiner of our existence as humans being in a human body, as well at the relation between homo-sapien movement complexity and the development of our species’ psychological experience.
  2. Present a critique on how physical, human movement is categorised, labelled, and as a result controlled by dogmatic movement practices (on both micro and macro levels) which are part of an ideological socialisation process of individual and collective human movement.
  3. To outline the shift in cultural mentalities toward human movement which needs to occur so that a psychological, physical, and even spiritual (re-)connection can occur and, ultimately, a re-alignment/centering of our mental experience as experienced through the medium of an inextricable corporeal entity – our bodies.

If you have any thoughts or input, I would greatly appreciate their addition as this is an ongoing effort, and my ideas are completely limited to my own personal experience. You can find all related posts on this subject below:

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