Attributes, Skills, & Qualities (r.e. physical practice)

These terms relate to the progressive development of a physical practice, although they can also be applied to a movement practice at large. Their function is not simply to categorise, but rather propose different perspectives through which we can interpret,... Continue Reading →

First Full Stalder Press

STALDER PRESS: Yup, so there it is. Footage of my first ever full stalder press - a new trick for the new year! Got the second rep just to make sure 👊 The truth is, this is actually the first... Continue Reading →

Movement Riddle / Kinetic Koan / Ido Portal

MOVEMENT RIDDLES: finally got this one in reverse both ways after a few recent half-hour sessions. Next step...single foot... Its common to ask, from a popular 'fitness' point of view, exactly what the hell the 'point' of this task actually... Continue Reading →

Path to the Stalder Press (Pt. 1)

So beautiful, so complex, so difficult to develop without the prior gymnastics background, so many details, so many atoms integrated into one molecule, so much work. - Ido Portal 'The stalder press is a bi-phasic, dynamic movement', blending together a high straddle... Continue Reading →

A Five-Point Objective.

[W]e are completely untrained in how to use [our bodies] to their full potential. In deep neglect of its ability to enlighten us individually and culturally - as it has throughout the history of our species - we overlook the significance... Continue Reading →

Movement: ‘Involuntary/inarticulate’ vs. ‘Voluntary/articulate

Definition [Movement] is a fluid term which involves an interplay between both involuntary/inarticulate and voluntary/articulate movement. The first step of any critical interrogation is definition. This is necessary so that readers can understand what is meant by the term 'movement' when it is used... Continue Reading →

Straddle-Planche Face-Plant

The highest form of practice is improvisation - there are few exceptions. And so here I demonstrate the elegance of movement improvisation in the form of the beautified straddle-planche face-plant; attempted by few, mastered by none... Okay, okay, of... Continue Reading →

First steps – 2013

This video was taken in May 2013. What is said is perhaps not so interesting or useful, but what it does perfectly is captures a turning point in many years of hard and consistent, albeit dogmatic, training. At that time I had been training... Continue Reading →

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