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Generalist / Specialist

Generalist / Specialist Whilst by no means a new perspective, the term 'Generalist' has been most notably utilized (perhaps coined) by Ido Portal in his efforts to articulate his movement perspective to the world. In terms of physical practice, Ido... Continue Reading →

First Full Stalder Press

STALDER PRESS: Yup, so there it is. Footage of my first ever full stalder press - a new trick for the new year! Got the second rep just to make sure 👊 The truth is, this is actually the first... Continue Reading →

Movement Riddle / Kinetic Koan / Ido Portal

MOVEMENT RIDDLES: finally got this one in reverse both ways after a few recent half-hour sessions. Next step...single foot... Its common to ask, from a popular 'fitness' point of view, exactly what the hell the 'point' of this task actually... Continue Reading →

Loaded Stretching for Pancake

PANCAKE: There are many loaded stretching methods to help achieve the pancake, however I feel that some often jeopardise what I consider a key element of the position - keeping a flat lower back. Why? It's not just aesthetics -... Continue Reading →

Ankle ROM, Mobility & Stability routine

Alternate foot each exercise. Perform 2-4 rounds between 2 and 4 times a week, depending on you requirement. Best performed barefoot/with minimal footwear and on soft ground i.e. grass. If you have ever 'rolled' an ankle you already know that... Continue Reading →

‘Becoming the Wolverine’ – Shoulder Pre/Rehabilitation (The Ido Portal Method).

"All human beings should be able to perform basic maintenance on themselves." ~ Kelly Starrett A post like this is pretty easy to compose as the pieces are already there. A quick search for 'Ido Portal shoulder injury' would give... Continue Reading →

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