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workshops can be tailored to emphasise concepts, methodology and techniques that would best inform the movement discipline of the host

MoveMore Workshops welcome those who are both beginners and experts in their disciplines and fields from all sports and movement disciplines. Workshops are flexible in terms of both length and venue, however both will dictate the content and depth into which concepts will be covered. MoveMore Workshops are available internationally: please contact for more information.

‘CrossFit Olten’ taking some lessons in quadrupedal locmotion.

Workshop subjects/content:

  • Move Complex: An Introduction to Movement Training
    • A brief insight into the scope of human movement complexity: preparation and injury prevention, the squat and lower-body mobility, locomotion, body-weight and gymnastics strength training, hand-balancing, movement refinement and small-frame mobility, movement riddles, rough-housing, play-fighting and games.
  • A-to-B: Bi-Pedal and Quadrupedal Locomotion
    • Exploring and developing movement patterns on two legs and on all-fours: Joint preparation and injury prevention, opening the ‘low-gait’, the resting squat, bodyweight-strength concepts, full-range strength concepts, movement complexity.
  • The Handstand
    • Handstand anatomy, wrist preparation and conditioning, scapula and shoulder health and mobility, body rigidity and the handstand-line, beginner and intermediate progressions, the walking handstand, handstand pushups, compression, and handstand pressing.
  • The Muscle-Up: Preparation and Progression
    • Steps toward achieving a strict muscle-up: recovering and re-developing overhead range through hanging, shoulder and scapular re-/mobilisation, scapular strength, elbow and shoulder preparation, the false-grip, progressions for dips and pullups, the transition, progressions for the muscle-up.
  • Low Gait: Lower-Body Complexity and Mobility
    • Opening up the lower-gait and exploring complex lower-body movement patterns: ankle, knee and hip preparation, the resting squat, fundamental leg mobility, stability and uni-lateral leg training, bi-pedal locomotion, loaded-progressive-stretching.
  • Waves: The Spine and Small-Frame Mobilty
    • Focusing on the importance of spinal mobility in all human movement: spinal warming and mobilisation, neck and scapular mobilisation, basic spinal movment patterns, rotational strength, bridging, movement archery.
  • Calisthenics: Body-weight Strength Training
    • Developing a fundamental understanding of bodyweight strength training: injury prevention, shoulder and scapular and wrist preparation and mobilisation, the hollow-body, bent-arm strength, straight-arm strength, uni-lateral leg strength and the handstand.
  • Be Water: ‘Soft’ and ‘Full Range’ Strength
    • Exploring the concept of ‘soft strength’ in movement patterns: breathing and relaxation, spinal mobility, comparing tension and softness, movement reaction and response, body-form integrity, form plasticity and organisation, softness in locomotion, balance and full-range strength.
  • Play Time: Games and Social Movement
    • Re-connecting movement with play and physical exuberance: breathing and relaxation, preparing mentally and physically for play, partner games and ‘heckling’, stick games, group games, rough-housing and playfighting.
  • Movement Training: For Your Discipline
    • A specialised movement workshop tailored for the specifics and benefit of your discipline.