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First Full Stalder Press

STALDER PRESS: Yup, so there it is. Footage of my first ever full stalder press - a new trick for the new year! Got the second rep just to make sure 👊 The truth is, this is actually the first... Continue Reading →


Movement Riddle / Kinetic Koan / Ido Portal

MOVEMENT RIDDLES: finally got this one in reverse both ways after a few recent half-hour sessions. Next step...single foot... Its common to ask, from a popular 'fitness' point of view, exactly what the hell the 'point' of this task actually... Continue Reading →

Loaded Stretching for Pancake

PANCAKE: There are many loaded stretching methods to help achieve the pancake, however I feel that some often jeopardise what I consider a key element of the position - keeping a flat lower back. Why? It's not just aesthetics -... Continue Reading →

Ankle ROM, Mobility & Stability routine

Alternate foot each exercise. Perform 2-4 rounds between 2 and 4 times a week, depending on you requirement. Best performed barefoot/with minimal footwear and on soft ground i.e. grass. If you have ever 'rolled' an ankle you already know that... Continue Reading →

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