MOVEMENT RIDDLES: finally got this one in reverse both ways after a few recent half-hour sessions. Next step…single foot…

Its common to ask, from a popular ‘fitness’ point of view, exactly what the hell the ‘point’ of this task actually is – or more accurately, ‘what is it supposed to be “working?”‘

Although by new means a new concept, this is where movement training departs from – and even disagrees with – traditional training methods. You do not target body parts in isolation; that concept (popularly considered the norm as a result of purely aesthetically-focused training) is pretty nonsensical when the goal is MOVEMENT mastery.

When approaching the body as a ‘single muscle’, isolation movements become reserved for re-prehabilitation and also corrective/imbalance measures. They are a TOOL, not the norm. By tearing yourself out of the dogmatic ideal of ‘chest day’, ‘arms day’, back… legs… shoulders… left testicle… right testicle… you will free yourself of the sever shortcomings (and even detriments) of a training philosophy which often relegates the global kinetic chain and movement functionality to last place.

The take-home message? Stay compound and complex. Think less about separation and isolation, more about integration and improvisation. Rather than ‘leg day’ or ‘chest day’, consider ‘locomotion day’, ‘pushing day’, ‘pulling day’, ‘object manipulation day’, ‘inversion day’; think crawling, squatting, jumping, balancing, climbing, brachiating, think rotating and hinging, and, most importantly, develop MOVEMENT SCENARIOS to give your movement some context – such as trying to roll 360 whilst balancing a stick on your feet.

If you’re not convinced, then I challenge you to spend a full 30minutes trying to solve the movement riddle yourself – let me know how your ‘abs’ are feeling the next day.

Stay complex and keep moving 🐒