STALDER PRESS: Yup, so there it is. Footage of my first ever full stalder press – a new trick for the new year! Got the second rep just to make sure 👊

The truth is, this is actually the first time I tried the stalder press since before the shoulder injury at the end of Sept 2016. And it was easy. Easier than it’s ever been. Why?

“Mobility comes before ability.” I can’t remember who said it, but I certainly remember it. During the time off of my hands I dedicated myself to leg mobility. Not crazy intense loaded stretching sessions, but consistently 2 or three times a week plus the daily stretch stuff.

The verdict? Consistently mobility work is a NECESSITY. I don’t care how strong you are, if you can’t compress your legs close enough to your chest, you’ll struggle with even your handstand presses, and the stalder press will seem an impossibility. Increasing your leg mobility – compression, straddle, pankake, front and middle splits – will open so many doors that it’s worth spending the time.

So what’s you’re strength to mobility ratio? Probably in line with your strength training to mobility training ratio. Put in the research, time and effort if you really want to improve your mobility. It may not be as fun nor as exciting as strength or skill work, but, if it’s where you’re lacking, it’s precisely where most of the benefits are waiting for you.