Alternate foot each exercise. Perform 2-4 rounds between 2 and 4 times a week, depending on you requirement. Best performed barefoot/with minimal footwear and on soft ground i.e. grass.

If you have ever ‘rolled’ an ankle you already know that it becomes a recurring injury. Human feet weren’t designed to walk on flat surfaces, and so thanks to perfect roads and shoes which support us from every angle, modern ankles tend to be underdeveloped and injury prone.

This routine can be used for both rehabilitation and prehabilitation. As with all routines which deal with often delicate structures, dosage is key. Too much, you will hurt yourself. Tool little, adaptations will not occur.

All exercises seen here can be regressed by holding onto an external object. The ankle rolls can be performed with both feet at the same time and progressed to the single-leg version.